PS Monitor

An innovative tool, which supports modern and effective management

Supports teamwork and management transparency

All the team connected, anywhere, anytime

Follow-up your projects, objetives and activities, in a very simple way

Why PSmonitor?

A great management tool

PSmonitor let you know inmediatly where to focus on your organization.

Team Work

All the team connected, anywhere, anytime.

Effective Comunication

Everybody connected, allows clear and real time comunication.

Easy project control

Just looking PSmonitor, you have and exact  follow-up of your team and your projects.


Tech Specs

Software as a service (SaaS)

Pick the best plan for your team and organization.

On the Cloud

All the team always updated, sharing the key information always on the cloud.

Innnovative Design

Very easy to use, you will have fun working on PSmonitor.

Best User's Experience

User friendly, really fun to work with it! 


Functional Specs

Discover the functionalities of PSmonitor, make the monitoring of your team or organization, a simple and fun task!


PSmonitor allows easy remote monitoring of the work team, as well as having a clear and up-to-date view of the status of projects and planned activities.


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